Have you seen a pangolin on your walks, in the parks, or in urban spaces? We want to know!

Please contribute data from your sighting(s) of live, dead, injured pangolins by filling in this form:

NOTE: If the web form below is not working for you, please submit the following information to singaporepangolinwg@gmail.com

  • Name
  • Contact (email/mobile phone)
  • Date of pangolin sighting
  • Time of pangolin sighting
  • State of pangolin: Alive / Dead
  • GPS location
  • Location description
  • Pangolin activity: Walking / Climbing / Eating
  • Age of pangolin: Young / Adult / Unknown
  • Weather: Raining or drizzling / Cloudy / Sunny / Clear
  • Other comments or observations
  • Photographs and videos of the pangolin (if any)

Sightings of pangolins can contribute to our understanding of pangolin behaviour and numbers in Singapore’s urban and wild spaces, which will help to inform conservation action. Even injured individuals could be saved if reported in time and dead individuals can contribute to science by increasing our knowledge of these secretive mammals.

All pangolin sighting data submitted through this page will be kept private and used for pangolin conservation purposes within the SPWG only. The information will not be published publicly.